Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Be Strong

Wrap your arms around my shoulders
Lay my head against your chest
Feel the hurt and all my sorrows
Take my toils and make them rest

Lift the shadows from my vision
Turn the darkness into light
Slay the demons that torment me
Tell me it will be all right

Lay with me until I slumber
Till the anguish does subside
Hold me close against your body
Through the night till morning-tide

Catch my dreams from where they scattered
On the winds of times gone by
Keep them safe for me my darling
Until once again I fly

Should I stir and weep, console me
Let me feel your presence there
Know that you are right beside me
Feel your breath upon my hair

Come the daybreak, when I waken
And the pain begins anew
Reassure me, I can make it
Seconds, minutes, hours through

Take my hand if I should stumble
On the stony road ahead
Be my guide and gently steer me
On this new path I must tread

Walk beside me on my journey
From my old life to the new
Keep my racing thoughts distracted
Wandering eyes upon the view

As I near my journey's ending
Lose your hold upon my hand
Let me walk along unaided
On into the promised land

Mel 16/11/10

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