Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Look for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Okay, I know it's a bit late and we're hurtling towards February, but better late than never. I've given my blog a makeover for the new year, and as I haven't had time to christen it with my first post until now there's quite a few new designs I want to share with you. More details can be found by clicking each link. So without any further ado..

First in line is a pair of vintage inspired earrings. I love the retro feel of these; I could almost visualise my mum wearing them in the 60's; a quick application of mascara... after spitting on the solid black block to soften, red lipstick, a light spray of Norman Hartnell's In Love, and she was ready to go.

Noir Earrings

Next in line is a sweet little pair of cream Czech glass flowers because Spring is just around the corner... wishful thinking!

Wood Anemone Earrings

I love the combination of colours in my latest addition to my collection; a charm bracelet of amethyst and peridot glass flowers interspersed with leaves, pearls and cute little silver puffed hearts for added tinkle!

Grapevine Bracelet

More spring flowers... ever hopeful that we've seen the back of winter, even if it is only January. These are from my popular lily collection with Swarovski tipped stamens.

Lady Grey Earrings
Following the same theme, here we have the same style of lily in a beaded necklace.

Nightshade Necklace
More flowers with these lovely Petunias.

Petunia Earrings

I have phases where I become slightly addicted to certain colours and they appear in my collection in increasing numbers. At the moment, just in case it has escaped your attention, it is purple and all it's variants; amethyst, lilac, aubergine etc.

Red is another big favourite at the moment, particularly bright scarlet red in opaque glass. I can't get enough opaque glass and seem to spend hours browsing suppliers looking for a shape I don't already own. Here I have teamed some rondelles with a bright red retro hoop to make this bold necklace.

Kiss Necklace

This next pair of earrings is a lovely shade of ruby red.

Very Berry Earrings

These blue Gentian buds are made from some vintage beads I have had for years and years.

Blue Gentian Earrings

And as it will soon be Valentine's day, I couldn't leave you without including a couple of heart designs.

Blossoming Love Necklace

Heart of Gold Necklace


  1. Your blog looks lovely! and your jewellery is very pretty! I really like the way you take photos of your creations!


  2. liking the new look - and the jewellery!
    the grapevine bracelet is my favourite.

    Good luck for 2011, I wish you lots of sales :)

  3. Thanks Izabela, I'm always trying to improve them :)

  4. Thanks Rachel, wishing you many sales in 2011 too. :)