Monday, 22 June 2009

I had a lovely surprise this morning; a notification that a pair of my earrings had been included in an Etsy Treasury... the first time I have been honoured with such a privilege! I was over the moon and couldn't wait to take a look... but the site was down for maintenance!!

So to kill time, I walked my dog Bailey (with a spring in my step) and returned home eager to see the treasury. I logged in, clicked on the link... and got an error message saying my user name hadn't been recognised, and advising me to try logging in again. This I tried several times, as I became more and more frustrated. I've never had a problem loading the Treasury before. Why this time, the only time I had an item in a Treasury! Grrrr

So I popped over to Craft Cult to check on my hearts, and none of the pages would load. I felt like the worldwide web and his wife were plotting against me!

But I perservered, and eventually got to see my spot in the treasury. My silver framed red heart earrings... or bleeding heart, as they were called before the SEO fiasco when we were advised to ditch the cute names and replace them with descriptive keywords.

You can see them here: .

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