Friday, 26 June 2009

My First Sale!

So sorry to hear of the death of Michael Jackson. My bedroom wall was plastered with posters of him when he was a cute afro-haired teenager, and I was a not so cute greasy-haired teenager. He was the same age as I am, and I read of his death late last night/early morning whilst trying to work my way through the maze that is Paypal and customs forms.

Now why would I be trying to figure out paypal and customs forms... because, wait for it....... I MADE MY FIRST EVER SALE ON ETSY!! WHOOOPPEEE

The custom item query came through at about 11.30, just as I was about to drag my weary bones off to bed. Thankfully I was able to accept it, set about making it (aren't I keen!!) and then sat there none plussed while I tried to work out how to do a transaction through paypal...easy when you know how! I'd paid for stuff with paypal before, but never sold anything, because just in case you missed it first time I MADE MY FIRST EVER SALE ON ETSY!! WHOOOPPEEE

It was also the fist time I'd ever shipped anything to America. Oddly enough the customer who bought from me lives in Los Angeles, where Michael died. So my first order came in late at night, was a custom order and was being shipped internationally... talk about throwing me in the deep end!

So, in years to come, if anyone asks me "can you remember what you were doing when you heard Michael Jackson had died" I will know exactly what I was doing... how could I ever forget!

RIP Michael. xx