Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm back... I think

Creeps in quietly, takes a look around... Oooh I haven't been here in ages! Have had a break from many internet based activities and feel better for it. Would like to report that I've been living it up in the real world, but alas I haven't... well nothing too exciting anyway.

My Etsy shop is all but dead, haven't added much recently apart from one necklace last week. Have been a bit naughty and just been renewing stuff as and when it expires. Have decided that Etsy isn't the greatest marketplace for selling jewellery. Not unless you make it to the front page, and since the introduction to Treasury East my regular front page spots have been zilch! Most of my other sales came from chatting in the forums... far too time consuming for what its worth. So not really sure where to take it from here... if anywhere at all.

Just seem to have lost my enthusiasm for the whole thing really, but maybe it will return if I don't force it... then again maybe it won't.

Still I'm enjoying my freedom... have even dipped my toe into the dating scene. Oh alright then I dived in head first. It's lovely having a reason to get dressed up for dinner dates and days out, even if it has meant treating myself to a new wardrobe of clothes, new make-up and having my hair done. I'd quite forgotten what it was like to wear mascara, and keep forgetting I've got it on until I rub my eyes, hence walking round looking like a Panda half the time. I play a lot more music these days too... and sing a lot too! Yes, life's good... but enough of that. Back to business...

Here's my most recent offering:

Misty Morning Necklace:


  1. ooo sounds like you have been FAR too busy for esty, madam! Good for you :)

    I have had a holiday break and getting back in to it has certainly been hard, I must say. I know what you mean about etsy, I keep going as and when the mood takes me.

    That new necklace is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Rachel
    I was peeping at your shop only yesterday, you have some beautiful pieces for sale at the moment! Had my eye on your faceted Carnelian necklace thinking it might go with the earrings I bought from you, but then remembered they were Agate. Oh well, I'm skint anyway! x