Saturday, 30 October 2010

Someone Stole The Colour

In the dead of the night
Where ghouls and demons play
An artist took his palette
Dipped his brush into the grey

He painted great wide swathes
Across the greens and blues
Blacked out the reds and yellows
Concealing all their hues

The stars he had to dab at
More than once or twice
To blot out all their brightness
For the darkness was his vice

The moon a silver slither
Took one brush stroke to conceal
He then wiped out the angels
With his artistic zeal

When I awoke at daybreak
And out of bed I climbed
I stopped short for a moment
Thinking I'd gone blind

The view from out my window
Was grim and grey and dank
No pale blue skies above me
No verdant grassy bank

Thinking the glass was misty
I rubbed it with my sleeve
Round and round in circles
But the glass did not deceive

It was then that I remembered
Your words the night before
“I'm sorry, I don't love you”
Then you walked out the door

The instant that you said it
My world faded to grey
Someone stole the colour
When you took your love away


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