Thursday, 6 August 2009

Me, Bailey, the chocolate bar, and why I won't go to heaven!

Just back from a lovely walk in the local countryside. This is a daily ritual... the morning walk to ease me into the day. Many is the time I dread hauling my aching body out of bed to trudge through sticky mud. I'm an all weather walker, not like many who only get their fix of fresh air when the sun shines... although the sun did come out to play with me today!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not fanatical about health and fitness, good grief no... but there is a very good reason I put my old and knackered body through this punishing regime. I have a Labrador, and I take my dog ownership responsibilities very seriously! There's times I've been so crippled in pain I've hobbled along on crutches. But he's the love of my life and I'd do anything to make him happy! Well, when I say anything, I do have my limits... nobody gets to share my Thornton's chocolates...not even Bailey! Besides, chocolate isn't good for dogs... what a shame.

Talking of which... we were ambling along, my four legged friend and I, approaching a girl sitting on a bench, her bike propped up against it as she took a breather. Bailey's sudden enthusiasm to greet her took us both by surprise, as he rushed up alongside her, making her jump out of her skin! Then as quick as a flash, his head darted under the crossbar of the bike and his impressively long tongue flicked forward like a Chameleon's, to swipe at a chocolate bar she had put down on the bench. I mean, I ask you, who in their right mind would unwrap a chocolate bar and put it down on a smelly old bench that's had countless bottoms on sat upon it... some undoubtedly naked judging by the remoteness of the place!

Anyway, equally as quick off the mark, she grabbed it and shoved it in her pocket, as we both gushed our apologies... her, because she said chocolate was dangerous for dogs, and me, as I explained he'd licked it and she might not want to eat it afterall. But that didn't seem to bother as she clung on to it. Needless to say, Bailey wasn't at all impressed as he dived into her pocket nosefirst to try and grab it back.

On we plodded, and I detected a very autumnal feel in the air. It doesn't seem two minutes since I planted tiny spring kisses on tight new buds. This is another of my rituals... kissing virgin buds as they emerge from the tips of stark winter twigs. They hold such promise of brighter things to come, so I thank them with little kisses, after first checking no one's looking... I might be daft, but I'm not stupid!

So I was a little surprised to see that lady autumn had put in an appearance and ushered summer out the door. She'd curled the leaves and turned their tips gold and bronze...

She'd tipped the twigs with little fuzzy acorn caps...

Swept the carpet of buttercups, leaving just a few dotted here and there...

Scattered baby conkers on the ground...

Laden down the bushes with juicy ripe Winberries...

But she's a little late plumping up the Blackberries, so it'll be mid September before Bailey goes Blackberry picking...

Seriously, Bailey goes Blackberry picking every autumn. He looks so cute as he makes his way along the edge of the woods, nibbling blackberries from the brambles with his tiny front teeth. He prefers to find them himself than feed from my hand. Well he needs his five a day! He loves his fruit and veg, and has carrots, cauliflower and broccoli with his dinner and tea every day. Oh and the odd chocolate bar... if he's lucky!

I'd like to say that no living things were harmed in the making of this blog... but I can't. Once again I forgot to take my camera on our walk, so mother nature loaned me a few of her offerings to bring back home. I hate picking wild flowers, but as buttercups are freely available I took the liberty of picking one... all the other bits and bobs were found on the ground, except the winberries which were ripe for picking, oh and the fuzzy acorns, which will never mature now, so the squirrels won't have enough food and will starve to death during the cold winter months.

*Note to self: "Remember your camera next time!"


  1. Aw lovely blog. Well done Bailey with the choccie bar! There's a lot of leaves around here which already look very tired, bit sad really!

  2. *puts on sunnies* love the new look cham! you've been tagged btw :) see here for details -