Saturday, 8 August 2009

Playing Tag

I woke up to discover I'd been tagged in the night. No, I've not got an ASBO, it was the work of Maisy 'cos I'm her new bestest friend (I told her she looked 25... it works every time!) Simply-Maisy

The price for this dubious honour includes, amongst other things... of which I will come to later: disclosing six revealing facts about myself to the worldwide web and his wife.

Hold on while I make strong black coffee and oven warmed Pain au chocolat for sustenance... and time to think!

*fills kettle and sets oven to 200°c*

5 minutes later... just waiting for my Pain Au Chocolat

10 minutes later... won't be a sec, just picking the crumbs off my shirt

12 1/2 minutes later... OK don't rush me, I'm coming!

Who's playing for time.... me never!!

OK, here we go...

Interesting facts:

1. I talk to myself. But more importantly, I answer myself too. No point in having a one way conversation, is there!

2. I met a famous writer cottaging in the country. Lovely man who invited me into his weekend retreat and gave me a signed photo. We discussed his latest work, and my creative writing classes.

3. Feeling we had forged a mutual bond, I took the liberty of sending him a piece of my writing to critique. He was very lovely about it, suggesting many ways it could be improved.

4. I remain embarrassed to this day

5. I have felt old since I was a child. Turning 50 recently, I felt I had finally come of age.

6. I've had more Internet dates than I've had hot dinners... I do eat a lot of salad!

Now for the boring bit:

The Rules of Tagging:

1. Rules may be changed at any time without notice. (I just made that up 'cos I'm a control freak). *Count that extra fact as a bonus*

2. Link to the person who tagged me *Would I dare not to?*

3. Post the rules on my blog *Doing it as we speak* (see fact No1)

4. Write six random/revealing facts about myself (see above)

5. Tag six people at the end of my post and link to them *more coffee and Pain au chocolat whilst I have a think*

6. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog *This is sounding like hard work*

7. Let the Tagger know when my post is up *consider it done*

I have tagged:

1. Bigbluebed
2. Cowisland
3. Boojewels
4. MrSeb
5. Dinky-Daisy
6. AREJewellery


  1. Thank-you will have to have a think too, at the moment the only thing that keeps popping into my head is pain au chocolate and hot coffee you've started something now...;-)

  2. You can tag me, but I will just smile and say thank you ever so kindly...!

    Some say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness...