Saturday, 11 July 2009

Vintage Buttons

My buttons arrived today, the ones I bought from
Here is a selection... mostly vintage, and I can't wait to incorporate them into my jewellery designs. They might look dull to some, but I LOVE them!!

Just look at the size of those two glossy brown buttons.... more like dinner plates! My mind is racing with ideas for those two beauties; and those cute milk chocolate buttons look good enough to eat! Who said brown is boring! I love the trio of nutty nuggets, such an unusual texture, and they nestle so snugly into the deep bowls of the lush green buttons, it's as if they were made for each other. But I've not made my mind up what I'm going to do with them just yet.

They are all so gorgeous, but the stars of the show have to be the little coppery coloured diamonds! As soon as I saw them, I just had to add them to my collection. They have a lovely metal shank on the back with "Made in England" printed on them. I haven't a clue what I'm going to use them for, but I will have such fun experimenting with endless possibilities.

My love affair with buttons is growing at an obsessive rate. I am officially an Internet button stalker! I actually think I adore buttons more than I do beads... and that is saying something! I think I was born with my sister's share of button love, because she has a phobia about buttons... absolutely hates the things! They really make her feel quite ill, and I'm not even allowed to mention the word "button", let alone talk about my obsession. I always thought it was a rare phobia to have, but I've since heard it's quite common. I'm just glad I don't share her phobia... imagine a life devoid of glorious shiny buttons!! No, give me a phobia of blood any day... although a life devoid of blood would be, well... pretty lifeless really!

Anyway, enough of blood (yuck) pass the smelling salts!!

I am a hoarder of all things shiny... a typical Magpie. I love them for their individuality and often just enjoy looking at them in all their simple beauty. But I also love creating beautiful jewellery with them. Yet I have a confession to make.... I rarely wear jewellery myself, even though I own enough to fill several trinket boxes. As I say, I am a hoarder... but only of jewellery, beads and buttons! The rest of my little world is very ordered, neat and tidy, and I love nothing better than a good clear out... no clutter for me, thank you very much!

I'm really quite a plain person for a jewellery designer; I don't go in for fussy patterns, bright colours, garish outfits or lots of bling bling... except for my little treasures stashed away in pretty boxes that are for my eyes only... oh and the little treasures I love designing for others to wear! Maybe there's a secret exhibitionist inside me screaming to get out, because much of my personal collection is loud and brightly coloured. But it's rare I give them a day out. I'm much more likely to be totally naked "jewellery wise" or just wearing a simple, understated pendant or earrings, or bracelet... very rarely all three together!

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