Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday Focus

It's been an odd week with 3 days of having to wait in for a man in a van... actually that's not true, today's man arrived in a very posh car. My boiler broke on Sunday and a repair was attempted on Tuesday to no avail, so the engineer had to order a part and come back on Thursday, only he didn't come back, another man did. Then today an insurance surveyor called to assess my broken kitchen sink (don't ask!). He was the one in the posh car. Heaven knows what the neighbours must think with all these men coming and going... possibly that I've fallen on hard times?

But all this sitting around... (who am I kidding) I am so house proud I have to clean up before allowing workmen in. I actually got to play with my lovely beads and made two new pairs of earrings.

These are my current favourites... I adore them and will have to make a pair for myself!

Secret Garden

These pink earrings remind me of Peonies and are suitable for day or evening wear:



  1. love the green ones; so spring !

  2. Who cares what the neighbours think?! Bet they can't make jewellery as gorgeous as you!

  3. I love the pink ones. They are all beautiful though.