Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday - a Day of Rest?

Today is Mother's day in the UK, a day, as I'm sure everyone knows, when children show their love and appreciation of their mum. I received cards off all my 3 adult children, phone calls from the 2 who live away, a big box of chocolates from my daughter, and my son hoovered the house as a treat, which was lovely.

But Mother's day or not, I seem to have been busy all day. I was up early and out in the freezing cold garden photographing the earrings I made last night and edited them all even before walking my dog. After lunch I listed them in my Etsy shop, and set to work making a necklace, which meant more photos, editing and listing.

Here is what I made...

Ballerina Earrings: So called because they remind me of Pirouetting ballerinas.

Dew Kissed necklace:

Clematis Earrings:

I love these turquoise lampwork flowers. I first bought some last year and have just found them again in limited supply, so I bought quite a few for my bead stash. I also have them in a lovely shade of pale green.

I am fortunate to be currently featured in no less than 3 treasuries and an alt in another one. They are all beautiful and I'm delighted to have some of my items chosen. Thank you!

You can check them out here over the next couple of days:

Yay Spring:

Enigma Ring:

Raspberry and Chocolate:

I'm an alt in this one... Touch of Elegance:


  1. Wow - you have been busy! Those ballerina earrings are gorgeous!

  2. Yes, you have been busy! I like the ballerina earrings best, :)

  3. I love the earrings too, but all of the blue items are really lovely: those lampwork flowers were a good find :)
    Happy Mothers Day! :D