Saturday, 27 March 2010

Work in Progress

Etsy's Euro Week has been frenetic with lots of wonderful Euro treasuries to make and browse. My clicking finger is worn out! I was very lucky to have been featured in no less than 10 treasuries this past couple of days, which is a record for me! I also managed to snag both a T west and a Main treasury, the first I have made for some time. But even with all this activity many people are reporting disappointing sales results.

I have spent today re doing many of my item photos, trying different backgrounds, and generally sprucing up some of the photos I was less than happy with. But there's still room for improvement!

My Etsy shop is a continual work in progress, I'm always striving to improve it. A few items have recently expired and it's been a tough decision whether to re list them or strip them down and make a new design from the beads. I do wish Etsy would allow sellers to view expired items so I can check how many views/hearts a particular item had to judge if it's worth relisting or better to pull the item and rethink the design. I'm not always on the ball enough to remember to check just before they expire... but I have just done so now with those about to expire this month and have some ideas in mind which I'll be working on over the next week or so.


  1. Yes, disappointment in terms of sales for me, too, I'm afraid :( Loads of wonderful coverage though, I guess we can be sure that all those Treasuries and FPs must have got us out there at least a little more, all that notice will turn into sales some time soon! Great idea to strip down things that have expired if you don't think it's worth relisting them as they are, though it is a shame as I think ALL of your jewellery is gorgeous and any piece without a home is a little sad ;)

  2. Thank you Omnia :) I usually re list an expired item at least once, but then eventually I tire of seeing it in my shop and start to think up new ways of incorporating the materials into a new design. Often all it needs is a re vamp to give it a totally new look which also helps to keep my shop looking fresh.